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Rather than have the Necromancer ramble on even more about some of this stuff, here's some handy links to prior episodes!
- The Necromancer obtains Slytherin's lost magical studies from the Chamber of Secrets.
- Riddle as a lost soul (though not yet a Dementor).
- The Necromancer needs additional information from the afterlife.
- The afterlife briefly discussed and Harry goes for a visit.
- Dumbledore explains about bodiless souls a little.
- How Salazar Slytherin and Horatio Hufflepuff built the Death Arch in the Ministry of Magic.
- Origin of the Dementors.
- Slytherin trying to fix his great mistake.
- Medria and Drake test out Slytherin's Dementor killing theory.
- The Necromancer takes a Christmas vacation.
- The Necromancer mucks around with time a bit.
- When a 1000 year plan comes together.
- Using Slytherin's final spell to fuse the dead with Dementor souls.
- Limitations of recalling the dead.
- Mind/memory influencing the undead.
- Empowering the spell on a grand scale.

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