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The publication dates of the series in question: A Game of Thrones, Aug 1996; A Clash of Kings, Feb 1999; A Storm of Swords, Nov 2000; A Feast for Crows, Nov 2005; A Dance with Dragons, Jul 2011. Book 6 is currently in the works (with 7 books expected.) I hope I haven't jumped the gun by assuming he'd at least have finished book 6 by 2019! (The tv series has already finished the first 2 and has started on the third)

On a slightly related thing, I recently noticed that the wikis all point to Voldy being defeated in 1998 (Deathly Hallows kill, not our canon), which would put the "19 years later" bit in 2017. We'd had it set in 2016, as I think I'd mistakenly thought it was 1997. Anyway, I think I've successfully retconned that through the archives. The biggest difference is that our main heroes are all a year older than I'd thought (Harry, Ron, and Hermione are 39). Not a big difference, but I like to be canon accurate most of the time!
To sum up, Harry Potter Comics now begins in 2017, and the current in-comic year is 2019. Let me know if any of you notice a discrepancy in the archives that I missed!

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