Planescape Survival Guide
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That .50 call was previously wielded by a cave troll. It was possibly (probably) an undead cave troll, but that's not important right now.

Addendum: I made an edit to Ron's line in panel 2.
ALSO ALSO: I meant to mention something else! I recently brought up the move of the Legos to my shed. It's a pretty good new location, roomy, (mostly) good lighting. It HAS been cold as bleep in there, though, despite our attempts to space heat it. (well, it's tolerable with coats, hats, and gloves after a short bit. The heaters have managed to get it up from 32 to about 44 degrees while we work!)
As such, I wish to thank our parents for the 20+ years of letting us keep the Legos in their basement, which has come to an end since they moved to new digs. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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