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It's been a little while since we saw some of these arcs, so allow me to jog some memories!
Hagrid was captured by James, Cherlette, Ginny and Shadi in Episode 897 after a protracted scuffle. They then left the Temple Mount and sent a Patronus to Chrysophylax who came to rescue them. He arrived, but the bad guys saw him coming, resulting in a narrow escape in Episode 901.
    While in flight, they contacted Harry from the air, who then split up with his group to rendezvous with James, Ginny, et al in London in Episode 903. (Hermione stayed at the castle to figure out how the Necromancer hacked the conduits, while Ron's team went to the forest.)
We rejoined Harry en route to London in 907.
Incensed at war rationing and increasing hardships, a mob formed at a gas station and briefly took Harry's group prisoner, but Grawp's timely appearance while he was searching for Hagrid (910) made a quick end of that. Harry suggested Grawp head to London with them, and then we've been on werewolves somehow since June.
(That arc did not feel nearly so long to me as it apparently actually was. Anyway... it should read faster now that you don't have to wait between episodes, right?)

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