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We're back, and it's my birthday!

We've waited a VERY long time to fully reveal this. The nature of ol' Beardy's horcrux is the reason for the way he's reacted to certain spells over the episodes. He essentially remote controls his body from afar by extending his soul from his portrait. Thus, spells like Avada Kedavra can literally knock his soul back out of his body, stunning him brifly, but unable to kill him. A similar thing happened when they stabbed his horcrux. His soul had to flee into the greater portrait world and was temporarily unable to do anything else, which is why his body collapsed. Voldemort, by contrast, had only soul fragments. When knocked out of his body by Avada Kedavra, he'd become an untethered spirit, somewhat like a ghost, but unable to possess his previous body again.

Our heroes will be discussing more of this briefly (and how the hell you kill this guy), so I won't step anymore on the next episode!

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