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This always kind of freaked me out. Especially when Ron turned Scabbers halfway into a water goblet. I mean, that meant that he transformed a man, who was transformed into a rat, into a drinking utensil. They never really answered the question as to what exactly happens to the animal. Wouldn't you think this would top the list of dark wizard torture spells? Oddly, I happened across one of those websites talking about the evils of Harry Potter (those are rather hilarious reads, btw. Mostly for the rather titanic leaps of logic. If I can find the site again, I might post a link), and they never mentioned this. Go figure.

Not to belabor the point, but this spell raises so many questions... Who would invent a spell like this? Why? Is it a general type polymorph, or is it restricted to just water goblets? Why was the inventor always so thirsty? How often would this actually be functionally used? Why is this spell part of the standard curriculum?

Oh, and incidentally... yes. James has kept the garter snake he caught for his Chamber of Secrets searching as a pet.

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