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Healing spells are a bit more complex than just saying the words. You have to have some idea of what you're doing, too.
(That's the best book interpretation, anyway, as Harry uses Episkey to fix a minor injury in Book 6 after Tonks fixes his nose that way, but by Book 7 says he doesn't know how to do a proper healing spell. Thus, we have decided it works as explained above!)

So! After this chapter, we'd like to take a somewhat longer break than usual (a month, we're thinking) for a general recharging of the batteries and such-like. To avoid going dead or on hiatus, we'd like to put up some guest comics during the break. Any format is good, be they Lego as well or drawn comics. Please send any to my e-mail address at travers@swiftbow.com! If there are enough submissions, we might come up with some sort of contest for the best comic. Thanks everybody!

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