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We last saw James and the gang in Episode 662!

Finally getting to see some of the recent castle work in this shot This is from the backside of the castle (the current background website image is from the front and was shot in 2010). For perspective on this angle to anyone who's watched our earlier tour videos (8/2/09 and 3/21/13), the front of the left foreground is the bridge exit (obscured behind the raised drawbridge).
    The new clocktower is on top of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. It has a working gear system for the clock, though the current system includes a rubberband that's a little too stiff, and we're going to replace it with additional gears.
    Over to the right of that (in the middle) is the new Astronomy/Divination Tower. (Divination is just below the Astronomy balcony). That whole tower includes a new multi-level staircase built into the superstructure that I'm rather proud of. Its bottom reaches to the boathouse and connects to multiple floors. It's now the single biggest staircase in the castle.
    To the right are multiple new classrooms replacing the old Ravenclaw double level (as briefly seen in our last tour, around the 3-minute mark) and the old Headmaster's Office, which was rather destroyed during the Tri-Wizard Tournament arc (both in the comic and literally). The back wall sections are now (from the bottom up):
- Hogwarts lake access and boathouse.
- New Charms classroom (more like the one seen in the movie).
- Ravenclaw common room (with the big bay window, though it's a little dark and hard to see in this photo).
- The new Headmaster's Office (bigger and better, and with a gargoyle staircase access!).
- Roof access and Owlery.
    In the background, you should also be able to see the new roof for the Great Hall. We've got one or two more minor renovations to make, and then we're hoping to take a larger series of photos/another video tour. We'll let everybody know here when all that is available!

Anyway! We'll be back with the start of Book 4, Chapter 4 on the 30th of April!

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