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I think we've discussed it before, but memory charms should really be in the list of unforgiveable curses. Even if they're (usually) removeable, how would one know if he's even under one? (Besides the tasting of yellow, of course). Gilderoy Lockhart is the first example that comes to mind, even though his loss was self-inflicted. We never received any information on what happened to the numerous people he'd altered in the course of his prior "good deeds."
   Of course, all the ethics of memory charming were effectively trumped by the extreme convenience of wiping muggle minds of inconvenient knowledge, which explains the Ministry's position on the matter. (I'm referring to the books and the comic up until the Christmas Eve nuclear attack, at this point, of course. Per the current situation in the comic, memory charming of muggles is no longer acceptable.)

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