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This was one of the first scenes we played out when we first came up with the Sheriff Ned and Bart characters. As I recall, my brother and I were goofing around with our Lego characters on our Hogwarts set one day when my dad (our editor) came in and picked up a sheriff and deputy character and began riffing on an incongruous storyline in which these Texas lawmen named Ned and Bart show up in Harry Potter's world. We had so much fun with the idea we decided to expand on it. Makes for some good contrasts! That was in the midst of playing with the Legos somewhere after Book 4's release. The plot of this story is derived (in part) from a game we were playing at the time which also involved the Tom Riddle diary. Except they raised an extra Tom Riddle from it, so there was an old Voldemort and a young Tom Riddle, working together. (Rowling hadn't revealed the whole Horcrux thing yet.) Obviously, the story has evolved since then!

Also, yes, there is a reason Bart is riding a cow (other than as a sight gag)! And we'll probably even work an explanation in at some point.

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