Planescape Survival Guide
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You should, of course, be hearing the iconic musical stinger in your head between panels 5 & 6.

Bit of news... we have a Facebook Like button down below the comic now. So that's a thing. I hear this social media is all the rage these days. And these smarty-type cell phones, too. Crazy kids. (I kind of mostly use a landline. And I'm 31. And I fix computers and actually sometimes smart phones too for a living. Yeah. I'm weird.)

This is a chapter break, though, so we'll be back on the 14th (or the 15th, if you're one of those "normal" people who goes to bed before midnight. I did mention I'm weird, right?).

One more thing! While strolling through our own archives recently, I was rather horrified to discover that Episode 403 was the first mention of a last name for Sheriff Ned (in one of the side stories in the Daily Prophet). That bit's all well and good, but THEN, in Episode 492, I completely forgot about that and gave him another, differenter last name. And no one (apparently) noticed! For shame, dear readers, for shame. *cough*
    Anyway.... I have the power of retcon, so the first last name is now the canon one. (Sheriff Ned Crockett.) So, when I give him last name #3, somebody better say something. (I am pointing my finger accusatorily at the tagboard with great alacrity. Well, I WOULD be if I wasn't, in fact, typing.)

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