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The Army of the Dead part in Return of the King always kind of bugged me. Mostly that they mopped up the Battle of the Pelennor Fields WAY too easily. Now granted, the exact opposite was true in the books... the Army of the Dead only served to take care of the corsair problem, and then they left, making that whole subplot feel kind of extraneous. Still, I think a compromise could have been best. Even just a brief scene that would indicate the Witch King would have the power to turn the dead army to HIS side when they showed up. Which would also pump up the significance of his death scene. (Which is another, sightly more minor beef... Eowyn's lines from the book in that scene were way better). The end of that battle really weakened the third movie for me, which otherwise I think may have been tops among the three.

Per request, I've created a short video tutorial on drawing Harry Potter facial expressions!

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