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The Slytherin theory they're referring to was from the Chamber of Secrets, not directly from Harry and Hermione chatting with him.

To go into further detail on the Dementor thing, as established, Dementors are departed souls that became trapped in the living world. As they didn't "belong" here, they were drained and weakened over time, similar to what was happening to Harry and Hermione in the afterlife. But unable to go back (and afraid of being destroyed utterly), they discovered that they could feed on the life energy of others. Without feeding this way, they would cease to exist. A Dementor's Kiss is more sinister... it removes the soul from a person, transforming it into another Dementor. This is their only means of reproduction. Patronuses work by creating a shield of positive energy. A low level "Shield Patronus" creates a barrier that the Dementor feeds off of, rather than the wizard. The more powerful corporeal Patronuses repel Dementors physically, by literally burning with more energy than they can withstand.

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