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Regarding the discussion about Voldemort's dialog quips, Brogen explained it well. Voldemort's teenage soul is more insolent and less cold than the adult we saw in the books. Whenever a horcrux is made, the soul is chopped in half. As a result, the chunk in the diary was actually the largest part. Here are some past examples of Riddle cracking wise: 52, 69, 72, 84, 98, 102, 107, 109, 111, 138, 156.

Another factor influencing Voldy's attitude is his current status. As our editor points out, he sees himself as the top dog honcho, but he's currently relegated to second (or even fourth) banana status. Acting high and mighty and superior leads to wisecracks at his expense (see many, many Medria lines). He can't cow these people with fear because they simply aren't afraid of him. The Necromancer has never once called him Voldemort... he is simply Mr. Riddle. That infuriates him... but he can't do much about it. All this draws out new aspects of his character.

And also... he's more fun to write this way.

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