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The specific tech that we were thinking magic/science could unlock is the Alcubierre Drive, also known as Warp Drive (though amusingly somewhat less magical than how Warp was commonly depicted in Star Trek).
All of it is theoretically possible, but would take an amount of energy we are currently incapable of producing. Essentially, the theory essentially involves creating a "bubble" in space, by creating negative gravity behind a ship with positive gravity in front. The gravity thus creates a wave that the ship sits on, but is actually more like the universe moving the ship. Thus, technically, the ship doesn't move at all: it moves the universe around it. That's a weird way of saying that it gets avoids the light speed "speed limit" by not actually moving or accelerating at all. It also wouldn't experience relativistic time dilation.
Crazy, right?

Comments from the tagboard:
11/25/19 12:07 AM
Swiftbow: Looks like we have to delay a little longer. Some internet issues are affecting editing. We will post as soon as possible.
11/23/19 11:31 AM
BrickVoid: to-->through - it's early here atm lol
11/23/19 11:31 AM
BrickVoid: I still want a look at the reception committee the Necromancer got when he finally got sent to the death portal. See, I've even forgotten what it's called! :D
11/21/19 10:21 PM
Swiftbow: Anyway... it seems that the next epilogue will in fact be the last episode! Holy cow! We're putting it off till Sunday as a partial result. Want to end it right!
11/21/19 10:20 PM
Swiftbow: As established, wizards can't just pop whereever they want. Apparation, floo powder, etc. all require infrastructure to operate (which is why they mostly couldn't do that during the war).
11/19/19 09:42 PM
BrickVoid: I looked at the Abcubierre Drive, and there are several mathematical hurdles it may not be able to overcome. Possibly a wizard could make it happen, but then, if a wizard wanted to visit a different solar system many thousands of light-years away, he probably already has his own kind of magic to get him there! :D

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