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We'll be covering further details as everything wraps up!

Comments from the tagboard:
09/21/19 08:20 PM
haakon: Too bad about Putin (the dictator with the shirt off in the snow). I didn't catch that it was him until somebody told me!
09/20/19 02:45 AM
Jeremy: Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing the answer. Keep up the great work :)
09/20/19 02:21 AM
Swiftbow: He first appeared here: As to the other question, we will be covering that later on.
09/20/19 02:20 AM
Jeremy: Oh, OK. Thanks for letting me know :)
09/20/19 02:16 AM
Swiftbow: I don't think we explicitly said, but it's "Little Rocket Man," Kim Jong Un.
09/20/19 01:20 AM
Jeremy: Also, with Mohammend getting shot, is the Dementor still in him? If so, what happens to one when the body is killed? Is it still around?
09/20/19 01:17 AM
Jeremy: Out of interest, who's the person getting eaten by the dinosaur? I forget.

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