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This is also why the Stone didn't work on Lupin, Sirius, or Harry's parents in the Deathly Hallows, though everyone was unaware of that at the time.

Comments from the tagboard:
09/14/19 11:23 PM
BrickVoid: They have to clean up all the spells that created the raw Inferi that were brought into existence through use of the power tap in the conduit. this was, if i recall right, the linked conduits that the Necromancer created. Shut that down and the Inferi shouldn't be a problem anymore.
09/13/19 01:40 AM
Swiftbow: Hey, sorry for the late announcement... we have to skip an episode. Turns out getting the denouement right can take more time than you anticipate! Should be up on Sunday.
09/11/19 10:34 PM
BrickVoid: *Rosie 09/11/19 10:34 PM
BrickVoid: It's like the future Risoe originally speculated in-comic: Eventually they'd die and yet they still time-traveled back, knowing that was the risk they'd have to take.
09/11/19 05:34 PM
Swiftbow: While technically true, they've been family with Future Rosie for about over 3 years at this point.
09/11/19 02:16 PM
Classic Steve: I thought that wasn't really "their" Rosie who died.

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