Planescape Survival Guide
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Welcome back for the final chapter!

Comments from the tagboard:
09/03/19 12:47 PM
Freezer: People. Cremation. Cremation with Fiendfyre.
09/02/19 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: Actually, his reamins should be found, buriend in cement, and then magically teleported to the event horizon of a black hole. In other words, as little chance as possible of him comng back would be best.
09/02/19 12:25 PM
BrickVoid: And I don't want Beardface buried under it, deep within it would be far more preferable. And the location should be kept a secret forever!
09/02/19 12:22 PM
BrickVoid: When your former employee wants to bury you under a lot of cement, that really says something. I'd be okay with it but only if it's magically cursed cement that instant auto-rebuilds itself the second someone breaks any of it!
09/02/19 08:40 AM
Dracarot: maybe also dismember whats left as well, and bury and seal each limb in separate locations

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