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There's a question on the tagboard at the moment regarding how the Necromancer can switch between bodies. There might also be a question in there as to how he even HAS multiple bodies. Some of that has appeared in the comic, but I thought I could explain it again briefly!

So, given that his soul is in the portrait, in order to control a body, he just kind of has to stretch himself into the body, not unlike jumping to another portrait (though he doesn't entirely leave the portrait.) He doesn't fracture, more stretches. It's the same procedure for whichever body he's using, but he can only animate one body at a time. The bodies themselves come from his (mostly off-screen) time travelling, where he created multiple time branches that he later intentionally deleted to resume the prime time stream. From those branches, though, he obtained extra copies of his body. But there's still only one soul (because it's in the painting), so the extra bodies can't do anything when not being animated.

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