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Been seeing some confusion regarding Nelly (Future Rosie and Bart's daughter), so here's some references!
- 416: Rosie tells Rosie that she's pregnant.
- 417: Hilarity ensues when Hugo spills the beans to Ron and Hermione.
- 443-446: Rosie angsts about it!
- 467: A little more angst...
- 511-512: I need a synonym for angst...
- 515: Emo is not in the thesaurus. Using it anyway!
- 520-522: Gasp! Competition for Rosie's affections?! FRENCH competition?!?
- 523: No, they're putting off "the talk" again. Argh.
- 524: Oh, never mind. Scorpius is savvy. Nice.
- 571-572: Rosie faces off with related issues.
- 591: Pregnant Future Rosie!
- 608: One and a half years later. (Nelly is a little over a year old)
- 625-626: Backpack transport! (And we have now reached the present)
I hope this was helpful!

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