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Happy Halloween!

Ours was a slow one... the quite large amount of snow we got this week DID melt some today, but dampened the trick-or-treaters, and my decorations. Ah well... next year!

Comments from the tagboard:
11/02/19 10:17 AM
Swiftbow: Kinda both... twins, but also in the future where they're not infants.
11/01/19 01:54 PM
BrickVoid: Sooner or later Medria and Drake's kids will want to meet the rest of the wizards who helped save the world, that might cause a few problems for their parents! :D
11/01/19 06:54 AM
Freezer: So is the implication in that final panel that Medria had twins or that this further in the future, where she had a second child?

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