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This IS the end of regular episodes, but the epilogue is still to follow. Stay tuned for that and for discussion regarding our upcoming comics!

Thanks to everyone for following us all these years! It's been quite a ride.

Comments from the tagboard:
10/21/19 07:16 AM
amethyst: Excellent!
10/20/19 10:57 PM
BrickVoid: This is a particularly fitting ending, as Harry is well known for going off on another adventure. Very well done! :D
10/20/19 06:49 PM
haakon: Agree totally with Jeremy. And even if (as it appears) there never is a saga with Harry and the gang saving an Elvish ship, the authors have at least created the fun possibility of it in our minds.
10/20/19 05:43 PM
Jeremy: Great final episode! I have to admit though, I got less a vibe of "The End", and more "The adventure continues ..." vibe from the last panel. Either way, excited for the epilogue :)

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