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There doesn't seem to be an iconic office associated with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Lots of photos of the outside of the building, though!.We settled for the one room where they have that talking portrait. (For those who haven't read the books, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, there's a scene at the beginning where we learn that the Minister of Magic occasionally talks to the Muggle Prime Minister after arranging appointments through a special portrait in his office.)

Yes, that IS a Megablocks tank. (The one in front is a custom Lego one, though!) It's a cool set, but the instructions were bad and the piece quality is... eh. Still. the scale is very spot on! So we still like it. Lego should do a modern Army theme, I think. Closest you can get to anything modern warfare related is Star Wars, which is kind of funky.

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