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Epilogue Part 9

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So wow... that's The End! It's been quite a ride. I believe some of you have been with us from at or near the beginning. I don't know if we'll ever do any other comics in the Harry Potter world (I won't rule it out, though), but we feel quite good about this story. I hope you all enjoyed it, too!

I have previously mentioned our next project. Well... I hope you're all down for something (mostly) completely different!

If you can't guess from the pictures, it's going to be a Star Trek comic. The ship is a bit more finished than in the pictures (actually, it's about 95% complete) and some of the characters are still subject to alteration, but! We do have a script and plan to begin new episodes starting in February. We will also put up some previews in the meantime as time and opportunity allow.

The ship has three decks and it's built similar to Hogwarts in that we can disassemble sections/open walls for camera shots. Actually, we've had some Harry Potter scenes that were taken inside the ship, but I'll leave you all to guess which ones.

We intend for it to follow a once-a-week schedule, though the episode size will probably be less uniform than Potter (that is, probably a little longer on average). More details will follow in the weeks to come!

As one last thing... Kreo made some Star Trek sets with Lego-compatible figures and Star Trek aliens. We've found a few, but a lot are hard to come by. If anyone knows of any (that are affordable) we are interested. I'm especially trying to find their Quark figure so we can have some Ferengi. But I'm also considering 3D printer options. Not sure if anyone ever prints Lego parts? Just hair-size pieces. Anyway... hope to hear from you all in the future! (Ha... I finished on a bad pun. Please don't kill me.)

Nearly did I forget... there will likely be another Lego webcomic at some point in the future from my wife and I that will be Lord of the Rings themed. (Also a sequel, actually.) However, I must finish Planescape first. My poor drawn webcomic needs my attention!

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